1/4" thread
  Model Number:PH-10-Tourmaline
1. Outer diameter: 2-1/2’’ ,4-1/2’’ ,2’’
2. Inside diameter: 28mm 1/4’’
Filter Rate:5um/ 10um
Gasket:Silicon, EPDM, NBR
Max operating temperature:52°C
Max operating pressure:2.4 Bar
Main Ingredients:
Tourmaline: 25~30% Far infrared powder: 25~30%
Porcelain clay: 10~15%
High grade clay: 15~20%
Others: about 10%
1.Adjust water PH
2.Supplement human body lithium zinc, iodine, selenium and more that 20 types of microelement
3.activated water"
Application: Variety of water treatment & purify, drinking water dispenser, water supply system & equipments.
The actual replacement time is based on local water quality