1/4" thread
  Model Number:PH-10-Negative
1. Outer diameter: 2-1/2’’ ,4-1/2’’ ,2’’
2. Inside diameter: 28mm 1/4’’
Filter Rate:5um/ 10um
Max operating temperature:52°C
Max operating pressure:2.4 Bar
1.Make water PH alkaline, can balance the lactic acid produced by the body tired
2.Have rich beneficial elements, calcium and magnesium ions, good for the health of human
3.Emulsify grease, ease hyperlipidemia, high cholesterol and high blood viscosity
4.ORP 0~-300mv, make cell full of energy to keep healthy, can help the body to remove harmful chromate, nitrite and heavy metals and inert metal
5.Can inhibit the microbial breeding
The actual replacement time is based on local water quality