Low voltage solar water pump

The FCL-SUBSP screw solar photovoltaic deep well submersible pump is made up DC brushless, stainless steel high lift solar pump

It has a permanent magnet brushless synchronous motor which improve efficiency by 15%-20%, save energy consumption and reduce solar panel consumption,  stainless steel motor shaft, Stainless steel pump body shaft, Stainless steel impeller; copper cylinder, Alloy mechanical seal, long life, reliable work. Intelligent water shortage protection: when the underground water is dry, the program detects automatically stops, and automatically opens after 30 minutes. The power density of the synchronous motor is high, and the weight and volume of the pump with the same power are smaller than those of other manufacturers.

Its comes with a controller unit with MPPT function, the highest utilization of solar energy, the 24V/48V/96V controller has automatic charging function: ensure that the solar pump works well and charge the battery at the same time; in the absence of sunlight, the battery can keep the solar pump working, digital display of power, voltage, current, speed and other working conditions.,  frequency conversion function: it can operate automatically according to the power of the sun, and can adjust the speed manually according to the actual demand, turn off the machine automatically, good waterproof seal: double sealing effect, high temperature resistance: the highest tolerance to 850C high temperature, soft start: no impact current, protect pump motor and high / low voltage protection, overcurrent / overload protection, stator coil never burning.