About us

FEJATECH Consult and Agency Limited is a Private Limited Company incorporated in Kenya. It has over 10 years’ experience in the Kenyan Market, supplying water purification solutions to domestic, institutions and corporate clients. Since its inception we have been focussing more on home based solutions to water issues especially those related to use of salty and saline borehole water. We have made many homes and individuals to use their water by installing water purifiers that remove the saltiness. Our high quality RO water filters, purifiers ensure pure safe and crystal clear drinking water for your family and protect them from dangerous waterborne diseases. Our water purification solutions include water purifiers from world-renowned manufacturers. Fejatech Consult Limited and Agency Limited also provide water purifier servicing, which includes water filter replacement, cartridges and units. Our technicians are well trained and are experienced in installation of water purifiers of various types as well as servicing and repair of water filtering systems. Fejatech Consult Limited and Agency Limited have a client base in different parts of the Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and South Africa.

Our Vision

To be the first one point choice of the customer in water purification solutions through the provision of professional world class quality products at a best price.

Our Mission

To be the leading water purification company with the most creative and practical products and services that are affordable to all categories of clients.

Our Core Values

Fejatech Consult Limited and Agency Limited recognizes the need to have access to clean and safe water for all, therefore professional, integrity, value, reliability and efficiency is our driving force.