Our Work

FCL is proud to be one of the private companies that have been able to change the lives of many people by ensuring that there is access to clean and safe water for domestic and commercial purposes. To achieve this we have been able to so by ensuring that our products are affordable to all kinds of clients. More so we offer professional advice before installation and recommend the system that would achieve the best results in water purification as per specific water quality.


Installation and commissioning of 3 Stage water purification system at Runda Nairobi. The system is designed to purify borehole water to serve the premises. The water quality at the inlet contains high levels of dissolved chemical elements, excessively hard, high fluorides among others. On running the water through the purification system the water achieved up to 98% of purification. Purified water is soft and contains optimum levels of chemical elements as stipulated in WHO standards. The systems have used a combination of 4 cartilages.


Kitengela is one of estate that has experience fast growth in the recent past. The area lacks piped water. Therefore private individuals have sunk boreholes to supply water to the surrounding. Boreholes in this region contain water that is highly saline, hard, and therefore unsuitable for domestic use without treatment or purification. FCL has installed and commissioned the filters to several clients in this area who have now been able to commercialize their borehole water to customers. A four stage water purification system has is able to achieve 98% of water purification.


In Karen we have done installation of 3 stage water purification system to purify water for use in both in the house and in the farm.


Installation of 3 Stage water purification systems for small household, the initial water quality was highly turbid, brown in colour. After installation and purification process the water is clear and usable for domestic purposes.


In Ruai FCL has installed under the sink Ultra Filtration system to purify borehole water. The system has a combination of UF membrane, and three cartilages. This system is ideal for small household that requires purifying water for drinking purposes.